Safer Tourism Foundation calls for the Egyptian authorities to give John and Susan Cooper’s family the answers they are looking for

Katherine Atkinson, CEO of the Safer Tourism Foundation (STF), a charity dedicated to preventing accidents, injury and illness for Brits travelling abroad, commented:

“Any death occurring on holiday is a tragedy, and two from one family even more so. We extend our deepest sympathy to Mr and Mrs Cooper’s family, friends and colleagues.

The statement made by the Egyptian Chief Prosecutor did little to quell the speculation about what caused the deaths of John and Susan Cooper, who died within just a few hours of becoming ill. This continued lack of certainty must make the family’s loss harder to bear. It is hoped that an inquest into the deaths of John and Susan Cooper, which is due to open in Preston today (18th September), will, in time, get to the bottom of what happened to the couple.

The apparent reluctance by the Egyptian authorities to reveal all they know about what happened to the Coopers may cause British holidaymakers to look elsewhere when planning their holidays. With tourism such an important part of the economy, it is surely in Egypt’s interest to be completely transparent and provide British authorities with all of the evidence they have to assist the forthcoming inquest.

The Coopers’ family and friends deserve a credible explanation of what happened.”

Jane Hewin

Jane Hewin

Published on 17/09/18

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