Safer Tourism Foundation calls for owners of Eden Roc Apartments in Magaluf to make immediate safety Improvements or face a boycott by British holiday companies

  • Three British tourists killed this year at same apartment block, two on a lethal walkway
  • Charity says no organisation with a conscience can rent out this dangerous accommodation and calls for a boycott of Eden Roc until it improves safety
  • Urgent need to remind younger travellers about the dangers of falling from height

The Safer Tourism Foundation (STF), an independent charity dedicated to improving safety and avoiding preventable deaths and injuries for British travellers abroad, has today called for immediate safety improvements at the Eden Roc Apartments in Magaluf, where three British tourists have fallen to their deaths in the past year.  According to reports, two of them were not staying at the block but in a nearby hotel.

Kathy Atkinson, CEO of STF said: “We are horrified by the tragic loss of life this year at the Eden Roc apartments in Magaluf. No organisation with a conscience can sell a holiday or a long stay rental at this accommodation without immediate improvements being made. Any UK based travel company selling this accommodation should use its contracting relationship to reinforce this requirement and should stop selling accommodation at Eden Roc if improvements are not made as a matter of urgency. And hotels nearby should warn their guests not to stray into the Eden Roc, given the number of fatalities there this year.

We urge the owners of this property to respond immediately and effectively to these fatalities, structurally where necessary – on the hazardous high-level walkway; through its booking policies – by utilising lower level accommodation where possible; and in its communication with those staying at and visiting the block. Signage in areas of risk needs to be impossible to miss, even in the dark.

But this issue goes beyond one specific accommodation and one resort. All operators need to double check that their safety audit processes include all structures which pose significant risks, but which may fall outside the usual definition of “balconies”.

“These tragedies are not unique to the Eden Roc. All travel companies and booking platforms selling accommodation in high rise buildings in Magaluf and in other destinations popular with young travellers should remind customers, especially groups of young adults, of the potential dangers of falling from height, especially for those under the influence of alcohol. Although it may be difficult in high season, it also makes sense to accommodate groups of young adults on the lowest floors where possible, as a precautionary measure. It is worth compromising the view to save a life. We all need to use communication methods that will cut through to that audience effectively. The bereaved families and friends of these young people deserve to see steps taken right now to ensure others do not suffer as they are doing.”

Alan Oliver, Safer Tourism Foundation

Alan Oliver, Safer Tourism Foundation

Published on 18/07/18

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