UK’s leading travel brands support the Safer Tourism Foundation Pledge to keep you and your family safe when you travel

With more of us travelling further afield, it might seem like holidays are riskier than they used to be.

The good news is that more than 20 of the UK’s leading travel brands have signed up to the Safer Tourism Pledge, showing their commitment to maintaining high standards for holidaymakers.

We know that travellers, tourists and holidaymakers put safety and security right at the top of their list of priorities when planning their holidays and we have asked travel brands to do their bit to reduce risks to customers.

That doesn’t mean that you can switch off entirely though.  Despite everyone’s best efforts, accidents and illnesses will happen.  But with the right preparation, you can reduce the risks to keep you, your family and friends safe and well.

The Pledge covers five key areas and travel brands’ systems and processes are audited and validated to ensure they are delivering high-quality health and safety standards and support to reduce risks and keep you safe when travelling away from home.

What the Pledge means to you and your family

  1. Travel brands fully support the Safer Tourism Foundation’s aims to save lives and reduce preventable injury and serious illness to people on holiday
  2. Travel brands will do all they can, within reason, to keep you safe and well when you are travelling, and demand the same high standards of those who work with them, and on their behalf, overseas.
  3. No trip is risk-free, so travel brands will provide advice and information to help you stay safe and well on your trip.
  4. If you have any concern about your wellbeing or that of other travellers, travel brands want to hear about it so that we can do something about it.
  5. Travel brands are working with other companies across the travel industry to share what they know about travel safety, for the benefit of everyone who travels.

Published on 05/06/18

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