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Here you can see our latest news, views and comment on important issues that affect people travelling overseas for their holidays.

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Where in the world you are most likely to get robbed, raped or assaulted

The world’s most dangerous travel destinations are revealed as countries are rated by the number of assaults and attacks on British citizens. Safer...

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Safer Tourism joins ITV to encourage young holidaymakers to look out for each other

Safer Tourism CEO Katherine Atkinson was interviewed by ITV news to offer advice and information for young tourists to ensure they enjoy a...

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Festival 101: your festival survival guide

When the world is your oyster, festival season lasts all year long.  From Indio’s Coachella to Somerset’s Glastonbury to Rajasthan’s Magnetic Fields, every...

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Every 3 hours unruly passengers threaten your safety

Air accidents are still extremely rare. But I met a retired pilot, who told me it would take a tragedy to change the...

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What to do when the FCO advises against all but essential travel

More than 50 nation states around the world are out of bounds to British tourists, and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has added...

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Multiple explosions in Sri Lanka – what to do if you are caught up in a terrorist attack

Travellers’ options after the Sri Lankan terrorist attacks Sri Lanka security increased and a curfew is in place Travel insurance unlikely to cover...