Keep your wits about you abroad

As 2 million British holidaymakers prepare to jet off abroad this weekend, the Safer Tourism Foundation warns holidaymakers to “keep their wits about them” and avoid being a victim of holiday crime.

Safer Tourism’s CEO, Katherine Atkinson, says:  “Whether a weekend citybreak, a long haul adventure,  or a summer holiday to soak up the sun, relaxed and carefree holidaymakers of all ages are vulnerable to holiday crime”.

We asked two front-line resort workers, Gio and Loni, who live and work in a popular Mediterranean resort, to share their experiences of Holiday Head tourists being targetted for crime.   In Safer Tourism’s latest social media campaign, they share their tip to keep your wits about you to prevent anyone taking advantage of your holiday mood.



Jane Hewin

Jane Hewin

Published on 19/07/19

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