Got #Glastonbury tickets? Remember to pack a carbon monoxide alarm

Safer Tourism is reminding festival-goers to pack a carbon monoxide alarm as part of their festival survival kit.

A carbon monoxide alarm is the only proven way to be co-free.

Safer Tourism launches range of effective, portable carbon monoxide detectors

Safer Tourism Foundation has joined forces with specialist safety equipment retailer Safelincs to provide kitemarked, approved and tested carbon monoxide detectors to holidaymakers, at a discounted price.

Alarms are now available here and you can use discount code SAFETOUR for an additional 10% saving.

Carbon monoxide detectors save lives, and Safer Tourism is on a mission to help travelers ensure their holidays will be carbon monoxide-free, whether they are staying in a five-star resort or a last-minute, room-only booking.

A carbon monoxide detector is the only proven method to determine whether carbon monoxide is affecting your air quality, and give you the time to take action and seek medical treatment in order to prevent serious illness and even death.

But sadly, there are too many detectors available for sale that do not conform with the appropriate UK regulations which is why we have has taken steps to make effective and affordable detectors easily available to travelers.

Safer Tourism’s range of portable carbon monoxide detectors meets stringent safety testing, conforms to British Safety Standards BS EN 50291-2 regulations, and are BSI kitemarked.


Published on 03/10/19

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