Cricketer and Strictly star, Darren Gough, stung by a scorpion on safari holiday

Fast bowling cricketer and Strictly star, Darren Gough, recently revealed his close encounter with a scorpion to his radio listeners.

The scorpion sting happened while on a safari holiday.  But Darren didn’t know what type of scorpion it was and was 40 minutes from the nearest hospital.

A scorpion sting causes immediate pain or burning.  There’s usually very little swelling, a sensitivity to touch, and a numbness or tingling sensation.

More severe symptoms, which indicate the scorpion venom is spreading through the body, include difficulty breathing; muscle twitching; drooling; sweating; nausea and vomiting; high blood pressure; fast heart rate or irregular heartbeat; or unusual head, neck, and eye movements.

What to do if you’re stung by a scorpion

Try and identify the scorpion.  Most are harmless but some are known to be dangerous and even potentially lethal to humans.  It will help those treating you to know what they are dealing with.

To help relieve the pain:

  • Clean the wound with soap and water
  • Apply an antibiotic cream
  • Raise the area that’s been bitten to reduce swelling
  • Put an ice pack on the bite
  • Take a painkiller if necessary
  • Watch out for more serious symptoms.
  • Seek medical attention immediately if you have any severe or worrying symptoms after a sting.

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Published on 12/08/19

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