Swimming pools (SC)

Swimming pools

Most pools in self-catering accommodation do not have a lifeguard. Here are some tips for staying safe in and around the pool.

  • Read the pool rules before you get in the water and if you have children with you make sure they also know the rules for how to act in and around the pool where it can be slippery.
  • Never leave children unsupervised in or around a pool.
  • Check where the pool is shallow and where it is deep before you get in. If diving is allowed, and often it’s not, you should only do this where the water is at least 1.5 metres deep.
  • If you have just eaten a meal or been drinking alcohol don’t go in the pool.
  • Avoid swimming in the dark or if no-one else is around as there will be no help at hand if you get into trouble such as with cramp.
  • If you’ve had an upset stomach within the last 48 hours don’t get in the pool.
  • Make sure children wear appropriate swimwear and not nappies.
  • Dry your ears well when you get out of the pool. Trapped water can often be the cause of ear infections.

For more on pool safety read our guide.

Published on 07/09/17

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