Reception and communal areas (hotel)

Reception and communal areas

Marble flooring and tiled floors are more common in hot countries than in the UK. They’re great for keeping places cool but they can be very slippery if they get wet. So if you’ve just got out of the pool and are crossing one of these surfaces or other people use it when they are wet, take care.

One of the most common causes of holiday accidents is falling on stairs. It’s worth reminding children not to run up or down stairs and to use a handrail if there is one.

If there are large windows or glass doors around the hotel take extra care in bright sunlight to check if they are open or not if you’re going through them – it’s not always obvious.

Most hotels are perfectly safe but it’s always good to guard against thieves. So if you are telling reception your travel plans or what you’ll be doing that day its best to keep the conversation between you and them – you don’t want everyone else to know what your plans are.

Published on 07/09/17

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