Making a complaint (food and water)

Making a complaint

Food poisoning due to poor hygiene in hotels and restaurants abroad is thankfully rare. But if you do want to make a complaint the people you should complain to will depend on how you booked your holiday.

If you are an independent traveller you will need to complain directly to the place where you ate. If you then want to make a claim you can do this yourself or wait until you get home and get legal help. You could use a claims management company to help you but they will of course charge for this.

If you have gone on a package holiday, you should talk to your tour operator rep. If you want to make a claim then as soon as you get back to the UK you should contact your tour operator directly. If you are not satisfied with the response you get you can contact ABTA to use its Alternative Dispute Resolution scheme. If your tour operator is not a Member of ABTA you can pursue the claim through the Small Claims court.

Published on 08/09/17

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