Fire safety (SC)

Fire safety

If you are staying in a room or apartment in a building find out where the fire exits are, which escape route is nearest to you and how to raise the alarm if there’s a fire. Make sure everyone in your party knows this too.

  • Walk from your room to the nearest fire exit and then along the escape route until you get outside. If there are any obstacles along the way such as blocked doors or faulty lights report it immediately.
  • Count the number of doors between your room or front door and the exit. It might seem straightforward but in the middle of the night and with a smoke-filled corridor it will be good to know.
  • Keep your room or apartment keys by your bed or near the front door at night so you can find them easily and take them with you if there’s a fire.
  • If the fire alarm sounds, leave immediately and close all the doors behind you. Use the stairs and remember to never use a lift during a fire.
  • If there’s a lot of smoke, get low (this could mean on your hands and knees) and go under the smoke to your exit.
  • Raise the alarm

If you’re unable to leave your room or apartment:

  • close all the doors
  • close the windows
  • turn off any air conditioning
  • cover the door seals with wet towels or wet clothes
  • call reception or whoever manages the building and tell them you’re unable to leave your room or apartment
  • shout for help from a window

If you are staying in a villa or house spend a little time reading any fire safety information there is and making a note of where any fire extinguishers or fire blankets are. If there are smoke detectors check these work and if not let the person who manages the property know.

Think about how you and the rest of your party would get out of the house if there was an emergency.

If there is a fire leave the property immediately and don’t put yourself in danger by spending any time me collecting your personal belongings. Close the doors behind you and once you are out raise the alarm. It’s a good idea to have the number of whoever you booked your accommodation with or who manages your accommodation in your phone as well as the local emergency services stored in your phone.

The emergency services number in the EU is 112 and this puts you through to the fire brigade, ambulance and police services.

Published on 07/09/17

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