Bogus claims (food and water)

Bogus claims

Since 2013 the number of holiday sickness claims made by Brits has increased by 500% even though there has been no increase in claims from holidaymakers from other countries who have stayed in the same hotels.

This has resulted in British holidaymakers being accused of having the most delicate digestive systems in the world.

ABTA has also accused some claims management firms of unscrupulously trying to persuade British holidaymakers to make bogus claims for food poisoning, a crime which can result in a prison sentence of up to three years if the claim proves to be fraudulent.

The cost of all these bogus claims is of course eventually borne by honest holidaymakers. Not only are there fears that package holiday prices will have to rise but some hotels are thinking of stopping their all-inclusive deals while others are considering not accepting British guests.

It also makes it much harder for those who have a genuine grievance. But if you have a genuine claim you should not let this put you off.

Published on 08/09/17

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