Barbecues (SC)


Barbecues can be great fun but to avoid accidents the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents recommends the following:

  • Only use a barbecue if it is in good condition
  • Make sure it is on level ground away from fences, sheds and overhanging trees which could catch fire
  • Never light a barbecue in an enclosed space
  • Prepare the barbecue early to ensure it is at the right temperature by the time you want to cook
  • Don’t pour petrol or other accelerants on to a barbecue as this could cause the barbecue to explode in your face
  • Use long-handled tools
  • Be careful of steam when opening foil parcels
  • The metal parts of a barbecue get very hot so don't move it until it has cooled down
  • Children need to be supervised at all times if they are near a barbecue
  • Make sure the barbecue is fully extinguished before you leave it and that the coals have completely cooled down before you put them in the bin

Published on 07/09/17

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