Safer Tourism joins #CarbonMonoxideSafe4Summer campaign launch

Safer Tourism joined  MPs, public bodies and gas networks to promote staying carbon monoxide safe in the summer months.  

Barry Sheerman MP, Jason McCartney MP, Liz Twist MP, Stephanie Peacock MP and Baroness Finlay attended a campaign launch event hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group (APPCOG).

As part of the  #CarbonMonoxideSafe4Summer campaign, Safer Tourism will be targetting landlords and rental sites to ensure working carbon monoxide alarms are available in every type of holiday accommodation.   We’ll also target holidaymakers to raise awareness of carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms which include nausea, dizziness and sickness. 

As always, Safer Tourism’s advice is to #packanalarm. Families of victims of carbon monoxide poisoning say packing an alarm is a must whenever you stay away from home. It is the only proven method to detect poisonous gas and give you time to take action to prevent serious illness or even death.

Alarms are available here.  Use the discount code SAFETOUR for an additional 10% saving. A donation from the sale of every alarm helps fund Safer Tourism’s work to raise awareness of this deadly gas. 

The #Carbon Monoxide Safe 4 Summer campaign is running throughout July and August. More information about the campaign can be found here.



Jane Hewin

Jane Hewin

Published on 01/07/21

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