Are vaccine passports the best way to travel safely in the future? 

Despite the vaccine roll-out, under current UK COVID-19 restrictions, government advice is that you must stay at home. It is currently illegal to travel abroad for holidays and other leisure purposes.

Vaccine passports are frequently cited in the media as a meansto enable travel at home and abroad, but the UK government thas no plans, at the moment, to lauch such a system due to the many ethical issues it raises.

Safer Tourism does believe that the vaccination programme will help restart the travel and tourism industry.

But as we don’t know whether getting the vaccination prevents the spread of COVID-19 to others, for now, the negative test result, in addition to other preventive measures including face masks, social distancing and quarantine, must remain in place.

If it is found that the vaccine does stop the spread of the virus, producing a negative test result for coronavirus may no longer be deemed sufficient for travellers who cannot or will not have a COVID-19 vaccination. And it seems likely that some countries will make the vaccine mandatory for entry while airlines and cruise companies may only allow those who have been vaccinated to travel.

We always recommended visiting the government’s Travel Advice website for full details of current entry requirements plus the quarantine measures (if any) that would be enforced on your return to the UK.   


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Jane Hewin

Jane Hewin

Published on 05/03/21

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