How you can help #SaveTravel

The travel industry is suffering during this Coronavirus pandemic.  Thousands of jobs are on the line because of quarantine requirements and government restrictions on travel destinations.

With lockdown, we stopped travelling. Now we’re keen to do all we can to help get the industry moving again so that we can travel safely in the future.

Fighting back

The industry is already fighting back with a #SaveTravel campaign calling for focussed financial support for the travel industry. Campaigners have issued a letter and petition to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, and Transport Minister, Grant Shapps. Now you can add your signature to the thousands of travel sector employees and holidaymakers that have already signed the petition.

Safer Tourism is, of course, supporting the #SaveTravel campaign. We recognise that Covid-19 has had a devastating impact on the UK travel industry. Without additional financial support to save jobs across the industry and greater transparency regarding the quarantine risks of destinations around the world, we fear the future of travel will be hugely compromised leading to unnecessary risks for the travelling public.

And we’ve already seen the first casualties. Leading travel brands, as well as independent travel agents, have been affected. Our concern is that further closures and collapse across the travel industry will create dangerous situations for those who are willing to travel.

How you can #SaveTravel

  1. Sign the petition
  2. Contact your MP

 We’ve drafted a letter for you to complete and send to your local MP – use the website to find your local representative’s contact details.

This letter informs MPs across Westminster about the desperate situation facing the UK travel industry and highlights your concerns about the resulting potential risk for the travelling public. 

Suggested letter to MP


Dear MP (use their actual name)

I’m sure you’re aware that many travel businesses are on the brink of collapse right now due to the Covid-19 crisis, and the risk these job losses pose to holidaymakers and business travellers.

I’m writing as your constituent to ask for your support in bringing my concerns to light in parliament. 

A conservative estimate suggests at least 12,000 jobs have already been cut.  New reports indicate an additional 75,000 jobs are now at risk as travel companies battle to stay afloat.

Travel jobs cuts means increased risks for holidaymakers and business travellers


The reality, though, is far more stark. Hundreds of thousands of jobs in the travel sector will be lost. And increased risks for the travelling public will be the unintended consequence.

The #SaveTravel campaign, led by industry trade title Travel Trade Gazette (TTG Media), has addressed a letter to transport secretary Grant Shapps and chancellor Rishi Sunak, asking for urgent financial support for the travel sector.  Please will you lend your voice to the campaign here:

The UK travel sector is aware of the pressures and complexities of the crisis and wants to help protect British citizens, including keeping them safe as they travel. But right now, it faces a catastrophic future unless the government provides urgent help. 

And please consider helping us bring this to the attention of other MPs.

Best wishes,

Your name.

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Jane Hewin

Jane Hewin

Published on 07/09/20

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